I think it’s a lot of work, but if you’re passionate about it you should go for it.

Todd Masonis Dandelion Chocolate

Listen to your customers and adjust accordingly. We initially started out with an unlimited model and that got a little too hectic, so we went monthly shipments.

Victoria Paniouchkine The Mr Collection

I think our major thing has to be that we’ve been able to compete with top brands. If we didn’t have eCommerce, we wouldn’t be able to enter the market on such a global scale.

Joshua Gare Snaps

I remember when we sold our very first Bump Box, within an hour of our site being launched and I was so excited! Then, I realized it was my Mum—hahaha—but still, it was an amazing feeling to get that first sale.

Christine Deehring Bump Boxes

I think for beginner entrepreneurs that's the most exciting thing to hear, is how quickly you can start in the beginning. Using these tools that are relatively cheap, WooCommerce is free.

Sean Lee HDPiano

Q: Are you making many sales in Bitcoin?
A: No, we make two. But they’re two of the most exciting sales we’ve ever had.

Royce Reed Alpha Dog Food

We try to encompass the entire lifestyle of being a gentleman.

John Haji Gentleman's Box

Sometimes it takes a lot longer than you initially thought. You’re always going to make mistakes, it’s just how you deal with them that matters.

William Strange Three65

WooCommerce has given us incredible professional freedom.

Marco Frasson New Brand 8

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