Hello Woorld!

By Ali on April 22, 2016 — 2 mins read

Welcome to our (almost) brand new website, Small Woorld. You might have heard the news that we launched at WooConf on 06 April 2016. We are so excited to have a permanent, separate home for our interviews with WooCommerce entrepreneurs and look forward to sharing these stories with you.


We started interviewing entrepreneurs for the Prospress blog back in July 2014, soon after the Prospress brand was born. We were inspired by their shared entrepreneurial spirit, and the way in which WooCommerce was in many cases, enabling founders to live their dreams. This inspired us to create the Small Woorld book, celebrating the accumulated wisdom (or woosdom) to share with other entrepreneurs who are setting out on that hard but rewarding road. Once we saw the Small Woorld book taking shape, we fell in love with the spirit and wanted to give it a dedicated home. Thus, smallwoorld.com was born.

Goals for Small Woorld

Entrepreneurship is hard. We recognise that, and hope Small Woorld offers a tonic for this hardship.

Our goals for the book(s) and the website are simple: we want to share the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who are using WooCommerce to live their passion. These stories will offer solace, inspiration, practical advice, and the occasional laugh for other eCommerce entrepreneurs on their own journey. We also hope the stories will encourage aspiring business owners to start their journey.

Our plans for Small Woorld are first and foremost to keep telling entrepreneur stories on this website, and we may feature some of those entrepreneurs by publishing further books. As with the Small Woorld endeavour itself, the format of the books might evolve as our ideas evolve. We look forward to seeing where this adventure takes us and hope you’ll join us for the ride!


We love WooCommerce and are excited to see how this free platform is helping people to live their passions by building their eCommerce companies. We love the community around WooCommerce and want to share these entrepreneur stories as a way of building and giving back to that community.

Telling these stories is also inspirational for us, as they reflect why we do what we do every day at Prospress. We love to live our mission of helping entrepreneurs prosper with WordPress using WooCommerce. We want to keep telling these stories as we are continually encouraged and inspired by what people are creating using WooCommerce. If you are one of these entrepreneurs we’d love you to interview you. Apply to be interviewed here.

We’re super excited about what the future holds for both Prospress and for Small Woorld (the website and the books) and look forward to bringing you interesting and valuable interviews for many years to come.

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